Anti slip flooring and non slip coatings for your business

Our product range of slip prevention products is designed to increase the slip resistance of your floor at your home, office, factory as well as the supermarket and shopping mall, Slip prevention products are a crucial factor to consider in these environments. We specialise in anti slip flooring treatments for tiles as well as non slip coatings for any kind of surface. These products and other slip prevention products can be applied to flat surfaces as well as ramps, loading bays and stairs. There is no area too difficult for us to apply our slip prevention products.

Anti Slip for Ceramics Anti Slip for Porclain Anti Slip D.I.Y
Anti-Slip for Ceramics Anti-Slip for Porcelain Do-It-Yourself
Anti Slip Tape Anti Slip Cleaners Anti Slip Grip Kit
Grit and Vinyl Safety Tape Anti Slip Cleaners Anti Slip Grip Strip

The aim of Slip No More Slip Prevention Products is to dramatically decrease the chance of slipping on a floor in the wet or the dry. Different products are suited to different areas as well as different conditions.

There are many different environments where our slip prevention products can be used, we have identified 6 key areas that rely on anti slip flooring and non slip coatings in order to ensure the safety of their patrons, customers and clients.

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